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Change to LED Lights – SAVE MONEY & the eco-system. We are the importers, so cut out the middle man. We offer great prices on really good products – none of the cheap and nasties! Deliveries to Johannesburg & Pretoria once a week, to a specified location. We ONLY sell LED products that use the EpiStar chip. Epistar is the biggest supplier of LED chip drivers in the world, and they are fantastic. Before you buy any LED lights, you need to check which chip is used – otherwise you could very well be wasting your money on lights that do not meet the specifications desired. There are a lot of importers selling cheap, rubbish LEDs – and giving us all a bad name.  Sad, but true.  All of our lights carry a 1 year guarantee.

LED lights save up to 80% of your lighting costs. They are more power-efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs and offer lifespans of 30,000 or more hours. Incandescent bulbs have a typical life of 1,000 hours, compact fluorescents about 8,000 hours.  The bulbs maintain output light intensity well over their life-times.  They are also mercury free, unlike fluorescent lamps.  Mercury does not degrade, and would therefore remain in the landfill forever, causing damage to our fragile eco system. The higher purchase cost than other types of lights may be more than offset by savings in energy and maintenance.

The main difference from other light sources is the directed light. LED lights are used for both general and special purpose lighting.

Where coloured light is needed, LED lights that inherently emit single colored light require no energy-absorbing filters. This improves the energy efficiency over a white light source that generates all colors of light, then discards some of the visible energy in a filter.  LED lights come in Cool White and Warm White. We stock the Cool White type, as it is the most popular by far.

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, advantages claimed for LED lights are that they contain no mercury (unlike a CFL). Also that they turn on instantly, and that lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off. LED lights are also mechanically robust; most other artificial light sources are fragile.

GU10-4wLED sources are compact, which gives flexibility in designing lighting fixtures, and good control over the distribution of light with small reflectors or lenses.

LED lights have no glass tubes to break (some models have a decorative glass bulb, however), and their internal parts are rigidly supported. This makes them resistant to vibration and impact. 

A selection of consumer LED bulbs is available on this site as drop-in replacements for incandescent bulbs, in both screw and bayonet type sockets (MR16 and GU10). Most LED lights replace incandescent bulbs rated from 5 to 60 watts.